I Need The Hand Of Another

There’s a museum in Italy that contains some of the great works of Michelangelo, the famous sculpture artist.

paintings michelangelo, david michelangeloThere are four partially completed figures sculptured out of marble. These four figures were intended to be a monument for the tomb of Pope Julius. they were named the captives.

One has half a torso, with an  outstretched arm, another with a head and a arm reaching up.

All look as if their struggling to escape from their marble prison- too be free- to be complete-to be what they were intended to be-waiting for the hand of another to set them free!

Theodore Rogers wrote this about them; “When I looked at these partially completed figures, they stirred within me a deep longing to be completed, an ache to to be set free-free from that which distorts and disguises, imprisons and inhibits my humanness-my wholeness, but as with these statues I cannot liberate myself- for that I need the hand of another.”

Everyone of us who are traveling through life on this little space ship called earth needs the hand of another to make us complete-to make us what we were intended to be.

That’s why Jesus made the most incredible of incredible journeys when He came down to this little speck of dust called earth-to die on a cross for our sins-to rescue and redeem all of us who are, in truth “lost in space” with out any hope of finding God and that wonderful place that Jesus said He’s preparing for us in  heaven.

My dear friend if you don’t know the way to that home in heaven that Jesus is preparing for us, you need to be honest-you need to ask the same question   Thomas  asked; “Lord we don’t no where you are going, so how can we know the way?”[ John 14:5]

Jesus answered Thomas, He said: “I am the way the truth and the life No one comes to the Father except through me.” [John 14:6

His answer will be the same to you, Jesus is the only way to heaven- there is no other that came from heaven and went back to heaven. Jesus is the one who is preparing a place for us in heaven, and the only one who knows the way to that place in heaven.

If you will accept Him as your Lord and Savior, than when you die, or if Jesus  should return  He will take you on an incredible journey to that place He has prepared for you-and you will be safe in the arms of your heavenly father.

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